This blog is just starting out. It is in the area of science and religion. Somebody invited me to say in one hundred words what I think the relationship between them is. If you will allow me 120 words, then here is my attempt:

Some worldviews called religious see all goodness, including love, integrity and language, and also mathematics and logic, as emanating from a dynamic creative reality. This reality supports but is not part of the natural world, interacting with it in various ways, at precisely that balance of hint and clarity as makes it possible for humans to respond freely. We find this to be a reality which meets us on every level, including the personal. This is our truest parent. Scientific analysis shows us the patterns which make the natural world what it is. That world is open to agency from humans and other creatures, and from its ultimate support. Our truest parent’s role is, chiefly, compassionate comradeship and creative inspiration.