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Prof Andrew Steane, Oxford, England

This blog is run by myself in my personal capacity; it is not officially connected to any organization with which I may be affiliated. I am a Professor of Physics at Oxford University, and a writer. I have about thirty years’ experience of thinking about the subject area of the blog. I am married, with three children.



  1. Charlotte Moran

    April 21, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    Dear Professor Steine,
    Thank you for your truth seeking blogs, poems,
    and insights.
    I am a retired teacher…”an elder” located in gorgeous
    mountain community..
    Always grateful for inspiration as the following:
    The “blue dot” photo and blog line :
    …a world in which fragile, awkward, attempts at learning to live and love can be made..
    Charlotte Moran

  2. Dear Professor Steane,

    I am a pastor at a Presbyterian church in California. I have just discovered your writings, and am hugely grateful for the clarity and beauty and boldness and humility with which you write.
    Thank you.

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