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Copyright policy

This blog is almost one hundred percent my own work, for which I own the copyright. Occasionally I quote from other people, and follow standard rules of attribution. In the area of poetry, this can be difficult. I note that there is a lot of poetry in wide circulation on the web, and whole websites devoted to it, so it seems to me fair to quote poems from time to time, but only if one has appropriate regard to the rights of the author and the copyright holder. My rule of thumb is to behave in such a way that the sales of the poet’s work are likely to be increased not decreased by my activity. Therefore I do not quote large numbers of poems, and I do not reproduce work that is not on some reputable web site already, where there appears to be an agreement that the author has released the work into the public domain. Also, I adopt the discipline, which seems to me the least one could do, to buy at least a book or two of the work of any poet I quote. Also, I indicate to the reader where the poem can be found and bought. I am stricter with work of poets still living.

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